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Mevlut Tekin
Mister Perpigna: Mevlut Tekin! 
1e and 2e International Perpignan 2016 and one of the best Extreme Long Distance fanciers in the very strong ZLU province Noord-Holland. 
Mevlut and Ramazan Tekin have a very high-quality breedingloft with numerous DIRECT children of “New Laureaat” & “Special One” (Batenburg-van de Merwe), 
“Zwart Goud” (Jelle Jellema), “Tarzan” & “Horus” (Frederik Leliaert) and a full brother of “New Laureaat” from Luc Wiels. 
Furthermore their breedingloft is based on “Sultan” and “First Lady” and their best children. “Sultan” is the 1st International Perpignan and “First Lady” is the 2nd International Perpignan.


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